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Did Leonardo DiCaprio's face get really wrinkly or is that just your wall peeling? If you have a projector but no projector screen, you're getting subpar picture quality and are wasting a great machine! Even if your wall is a crisp, spotless white, any imperfections will be obvious. That's where we come in!
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Why Shop with us?

Free Delivery

We believe the customer shouldn't have to pay for shipping. That's why we offer free worldwide shipping on all orders!

Premium Quality

At Premium Screen we pride ourselves on the quality of our products. That's why we have so many positive reviews.

Easy Returns

At Premium Screen we have a customer-centric approach. That's why we have an easy return-policy that our customers love!

In with the New

Expensive TV Flat Screens are a thing of the past... For those serious about their watching experience there is really only one option: projector screens. Our 100" projector screens are only a fraction of the cost of a 100" Flat Screen. Let the larger than-life images take you out of yourself by banishing everything else from your sensorium. Truly experience the home cinema.

Premium Screen Benefits

First and foremost, projector screens are much more cost-effective than TVs, at least in terms of screen size for your dollar. Secondly projector screens win on quality. While both TVs & Projector Screens wonderfully handle 4k, a projector screen is large enough to show the tremendous amount of detail that comes with 4k.

Our Guarantee to you

We pride ourselves on our friendly customer service and aim to ensure your needs are met. That's why we offer an iron-clad 30 Day Money-Back Guarantee on all orders!
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